Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just cause we're leaving doesn't mean we can't go camping.

Got some photos up from our more recent domestic adventures: Hiking in NH, Camping on the Cape, and Camping in the White Mountains.

I think I spent 4 hours whittling down, and cleaning up the 500 photos I took on these three trips. I have no idea how I am going to be able to keep up with all of the Australia and New Zealand pictures we're bound to take. Oh, and I just received the underwater housing we bought for our old digital camera. So even snorkeling will be producing photos.

Mekayla beat me to the top of this mountain by at least 15 minutes. Actually, I collapsed about 30 feet from the top and decided I was close enough and the view was good enough from there. Somehow she coaxed me to the top. Round trip it was about an 8 mile hike (6 1/2 hours).

Like the hat? I'm breaking it in for Australia.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Automatic Email Updates

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We've finally bought our first set of tickets, so I guess plans are finalized enough to give a rough breakdown of where we are going and when. These logistics are pretty boring to write about so I'll just bullet point it (all dates/times are local):

  • July 31st: Somerville lease is up, and we become nomads (but still nomads with jobs if only briefly)
  • Aug 3rd: We end our jobs and go to San Diego for Mekayla's cousin's Bat Mitzvah
  • Aug 7th: We fly from Los Angeles to Brisbane via Auckland, NZ
  • Aug 9th:
    • 9AM: We arrive in Brisbane feeling like it is who knows what time.
    • 10PM: We get on another flight for Darwin, Australia. No idea what we do in between. Sleep? Eat? Surf?
  • Aug 10th-15th: Darwin, Australia and camp in Kakadu National Park:

  • Aug 16th: Fly to Cairns via Brisbane.
At this point we just have a general idea of renting or buying a car and then trekking down the East Coast to Melbourne (about 2000+ miles) camping along the way. We'll certainly spend some time snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef though we aren't sure which part of it yet. We plan on mostly following the coastline down through Sydney and Blue Mountains National Park, but the road will probably take us off the coast from time to time.

We haven't bought our tickets from Melbourne to Auckland, NZ yet, but have a vague date in mind of Oct 2nd.

I'll try and have more story and less list in future posts, but this seemed like some practical information to get out to everyone.