Saturday, November 3, 2007

On the road again

Well, we have taken quite a hiatus from posting recently. Seems like every time I started to write a post the news would change before I got around to actually posting it. Today we are leaving Rotorua and heading for Christchurch. So let's briefly recap how we got to this point before something changes again:
  • Arrived at Rotorua
  • Journeyed briefly to Wellington and started worrying it might not provide enough access to the South Island.
  • I shaved!
  • Bought a car and tallied our expenses for the journey so far (camping is cheap!).
  • Met up with friends in Otane and traveled around the East Cape
  • Debated living in Wellington vs Christchurch
  • House sat and looked after a cat while the Red Sox won the World Series.
  • Explored thermally active Rotorua
  • Started looking for jobs in Christchurch
  • Mekayla presented some work to another design firm (networking!).
  • Now we are leaving for Christchurch
We will be on the road again for a couple of days: camping, ferrying the car to the South Island, and exploring some of the Southern Alps. Then we have to find some jobs and some place to live for a few months.

It is amazing how fast a month can go by. Rotorua has provided us with some great downtime. There are still a bunch of things we would love to have time to do here, but there is so much more that needs to be explored.

So in the spirit of all great summary posts let me leave you with some pictures.

These guys were pretty impressive.

I had gotten a little scruffy looking in Australia, and then I got impatient with it when I arrived here, and it had to be removed.

How have I not posted any pictures of sheep yet? It is lambing season.

Hopefully it won't be another month before our next post. Talk to ya all soon.